Article #5: When your plans call for more power, your call counts

Information For Residential Customers

When you’re making plans that involve big changes in your energy needs, give us a call at 1-800-411-7343 for your home. Examples include:

•             Rewiring your existing electric meter panel to a larger size.

•             Remodeling your home.

  • Adding a central air-conditioning unit, tankless electric water heater or any other large electric appliance or equipment for which a permit is typically required for installation.
  • This is one of the ways we track local and regional trends in energy use, and plan how to best serve everyone’s energy needs, including yours.

­The earlier you notify us about significant changes, the sooner we can check our equipment and, if necessary, upgrade it so our system remains ready to serve your area. By giving us a heads-up, you — or the contractor who will be doing your electrical work — can help prevent local system overloads, outages and power quality problems, such as low voltage or flickering lights.

For work on your side of the meter — including your electrical panel and all internal wiring at your home or business — be sure to consult with a licensed electrician.

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